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Papal Process Sparks Tribute

He was also moved to action. Summers created an impromptu tableau in his dining room windows overlooking the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart. By dusk, passersby on West Franklin Street who looked up were pleasantly surprised to see a three-foot wooden statue of an unidentified pope with arms outstretched as if giving a blessing.

"I've collected a lot of religious pieces for a long time," says Summers. "It is special when you're fortunate enough to have something that maybe hundreds of people have prayed to."

Above the 18th-century Italian sculpture Summers draped antique yellow and purple French-made fabric: "It is faded and perfect for the occasion," he says. He placed lighted candle in the window to softly illuminate the display.

Summers, who is not Roman Catholic, says he then waited for the bells of Sacred Heart to chime. Alas, they remained silent. — Edwin Slipek, Jr.

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