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Our annual readers' poll

The Best of Richmond 2000


How do we know when something truly is the best? Do we rely on teams of scientists with complex measuring devices? Do we compile tons of data and run them through the world's most sophisticated computer system?

No. We simply ask you.

For eight years, we've been asking you what is the best in Richmond dining, entertainment, media, politics and services. There are some categories that seem as set in stone as Robert E. Lee and Traveller: You love Channel 12's Sabrina Squire, year in and year out. You can't fathom life in Richmond without Ukrop's, and when it's time to get your groove on, no place but Cafine's - our most-awarded winner this year, in three categories - will do. But when it comes to everything else, it seems that best is, at best, a relative term. You fickle readers, you - it's in one year and out the next, then back again the following. No matter. After all, if best were a fixed reality, how much fun would that be?

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