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Organizing by the Seat of Their Pants



The experiment to unify the Richmond music scene continues! With the improvisational beats of jazz still pumping blood through the heart of the Patchwork Collective, the past year has been spent putting on regular shows to highlight — nay, celebrate! — the diversity of sounds and styles that can be brought together in one place. The Patchwork tripod — (from left) Scott Burton, Chris Elford and Matt White — turns a year old, and celebrates by bringing together the Brian Jones Duo, Standards & Practices, avant rock from Ilad, the 30-member-strong Patchworkestra, New York improv gurus Nate Wooley and Aaron Siegel, and others. Sunday, July 16, 5 p.m.-midnight at Gallery5. It's a potluck! Improvise a dish. Admission is $7. 644-0005. S

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