Opening Reception: Kip Dawkins "Vacant"

When: Thu., Feb. 23, 5-8 p.m. 2017

Join us for the opening of our next Main Gallery exhibition with Richmond-based photographer, Kip Dawkins. His show, "Vacant" is a collection of images captured on spontaneous roadside stops during his travels across the country. "In my everyday work as a commercial photographer I shoot luxury interior products in studio and on location in upscale homes. Everything, the setting, the light, the styling, is very tightly controlled. We have people combing fringe on pillows. The moments in my personal projects tend to be forgotten places, negative space. They have been allowed to decay or weather through neglect, poverty or the forces of landscape. I happen upon them by chance. My only control is my ability to see and capture the fleeting moment when light and space and structure come together. I create an atmospheric moment that suggests chaotic forces at work. I got my original start photographing punk rock bands. I liked the chaos and the lack of control, trying to find the happy accident of the moment that comes together. I’m drawn to these moments because I do the exact opposite every day of the week, but they’re all taken with the technical knowledge that I’ve gotten in all my years of shooting interiors. Technically they come out as highly refined as I can get them. It’s the highest level of processing I can do. The same amount of time goes into them as for the luxury projects, but there is no staging, no styling team and no tons of equipment. I have to wait for the clouds to part or the rain to come down on some castoff place." Kip Dawkins is a commercial and editorial photographer based in Richmond, VA. For the last 25 + years he has refined his craft, using light, angles, styling and the latest technology. He is inspired by the range of light in nature and considers light to be the single most important aspect of photography. From advertising and interiors to people and industry, Kip uses his experience and expertise to capture the essence of the subject he is photographing. Kip has worked with a diverse range of top clients including Traditional Home, Better Home and Gardens, McKinnon & Harris, Bloomingdales, Destination Hotels, Stolichnaya Vodka, Scalamandre, Thibaut, GMC, Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks. He has received numerous industry awards including the Gold Lion at Cannes and most recently two DC Addy gold awards. When he is not working, he can be found cycling on his road bike, driving down back roads to find the perfect shot or attending Formula 1 races. "Vacant" will be the first exhibition of photography at Quirk.

Price: Free.