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Open a Bar on Robinson. They Will Come.

The stuffed pork loin is Bailey's favorite. The menu's entrees also include the usual pastas, seafood and meats, cooked American style with the occasional Southern flair. The pictures on the walls look at Richmond new and old through photos from Dementi studios. Bailey and his partners Jeff Sullivan and former Barracuda's owner Bob Cox have been busy with many renovations, and Bailey says "it's really starting to look magnificent, at least we like to think."

Of the name Curbside, Bailey thinks it's descriptive and yet general, "inoffensive and phonetically it sounds good. We can make little sayings like 'kick it to the curb' and so forth. We figure it'll get shortened colloquially to 'The Curb'. We figured it didn't really matter what we actually called it. They will come." — Wayne Melton

Curbside Cafe ($$)

2525 Hanover Ave.


Monday-Sunday, 5-11 p.m., Open soon for lunch

Bar open until 2

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