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Once She Went Green, She Never Went Back


While pop singers and movie stars attempt to pile on the eco-bandwagon (which is probably a hybrid), taking a more earth-conscious approach to life is starting to look like a fad, like diminutive dogs or imported orphans. For Nashville-based singer-songwriter Adrienne Young, "going green" is more than a fashionable phrase. In 2003, she packaged her CD of bluegrass and folk songs ("Plow to the End of the Row") with a packet of wildflower seeds, a move that earned her a Grammy nomination for best packaging. A year later, she became the spokeswoman for FoodRoutes Network, an organization that advocates the purchase of locally grown foods. Young doesn't just talk about sustainable agriculture, however; she sings about it and makes it entertaining. Her latest release is "Room to Grow," and it's likely to take root with the audience at Ashland Coffee & Tea Thursday, Dec 13. $16-$21. 798-1702.

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