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Oh, #SummerNights

Hash-tagging Richmond's upcoming musical season.



RVA Music Night — Bio Ritmo, Milkstains, HonkTonk Heroes
Friday Cheers, May 22
Salsa kings, raw rockers and country love by the rivuh? #beerme #jorts

Moon Taxi with Sleepwalkers
Friday Cheers, May 29
Thought this was a Doors cover band but it’s not. #indiepop #moonlightdrive

Dirty Dozen Brass Band
Broadberry, May 27
Bumpin’ brass music from ’Nawlins beloved by jam-band fans. #headbob #vape

The Wailers, Rusted Root
Innsbrook After Hours, May 31
Reggae and summertime go together like Short Pump and hideous suburban traffic. #respect #onelove

Billy Idol
The National, June 2
Mr. Idol barks the ’80s hits and the people all pump their fists. #sneerking #dancingwithmyself

George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, June 4
  • George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic, June 4

George Clinton and Parliament/Funkadelic
Innsbrook After Hours, June 4
Legendary funk godfather no longer bathing in crack, but still gotta pay the bills. #somanypeopleonstage #hitandquitit

Future Islands with White Laces
Friday Cheers, June 5
Remember the man-child who danced like Tom Jones on Letterman? #snapple

Stone Soul Music and Food Festival — featuring Jodeci, Faith Evans, Future, August Alsina, TK & Cash, the Migos and James Fortune.
Classic Amphitheater at the Richmond Raceway Complex, June 6
Singers who can sing. Interesting concept. #newschoolr&b #wheresthefood

Weird Al Yankovic
Carpenter Theatre, June 11
Surest sign of end times: Weird Al had a No. 1 record that wasn’t accordion instrumentals. #comedyapocalypse

The Amazing Acro-Cats, June 11-13
  • The Amazing Acro-Cats, June 11-13

The Amazing Acro-Cats
Gottwald Playhouse, June 11-13
Real cats that can play rock ’n’ roll? Next door to a Weird Al show? #rando #beerme #jorts

Hurray for the Riff Raff and Joe Pug
Friday Cheers, June 12
Puerto Rican Bronx folk blues by way of New Orleans. #tltr #songwriters #criticsparty

CJ Chenier and the Red Hot Louisiana Band
Tin Pan, June 18
Looking for an early Richmond Folk Fest fix minus the dance tent throngs? #hotsauce #cajunlove

Snarky Puppy with Butcher Brown
Friday Cheers, June 19
Funky jazz bros who play their instruments real good. Organizer Stephen Lecky tells me people will be blown away. #playthebarneymillertheme #dang

George Porter and Runnin’ Pardners
Capital Ale House, June 25
Former Meters bassist still laying down the funk. #slappadabass #6v6la

The Wood Brothers and Son Little
Friday Cheers, June 26
Another legit bass man cometh. Saw him at Hole in the Wall with Medeski, Martin and Wood back in the day and he speared my magic burrito with his bow, kept right on playing. Don’t miss the opener. #sonlittle #soulful #legit

Buddy Guy
Innsbrook After Hours, July 1
Remember when this bluesman strutted through Toad’s Place playing guitar and it was awesome? Because sweat. #grittyblues #afrosheen

David Grisman Sextet
The Beacon Theater in Hopewell, July 16
Used to pal around with Jerry Garcia minus the egg salad, milkshakes and heroin. #mandolinmaster #intervention

Dinosaur Jr., July 22
  • Dinosaur Jr., July 22

Dinosaur Jr.
The National, July 22
The dream of the ’90s is alive through the wailing grunge guitar of a mumbling Gandalf. #flannel

Rockn to Lockn’ Battle of the Bands
Capital Alehouse, July 31
Local bands fight for spot at the massive Lockn’ Festival this September. Winners also get a sweltering tent city filled with dazed hippies and no showers. #playdrunk

Dark Star Orchestra
Pocahontas Live, July 31, Aug. 1
Pocahontas never used patchouli but Mattel did in 1985 to create the action figure Stinkor from #mastersoftheuniverse. When did two drummers and a spinning woman qualify as an orchestra? Still the nation’s best Dead cover band.

Hank Williams Jr.
Innsbrook After Hours, Aug. 1
All my rowdy friends are stuck in traffic tonight. #bosephus #hipflask #cirrhosis

The Sixth Annual Richmond Jazz Festival
Maymont, Aug. 7-9
No band line-up announced as of press time. #expectmoresmoothjazz

The Australian Pink Floyd Show
Pocahontas Live, Aug. 9.
White boys be trippin’ on the dark side of the ’burbs. #myeyesarebleedingdiamonds

ZZ Top
Innsbrook After Hours, Aug. 13
If beards have much feces in them at all, these Texas bushmen could fertilize a factory farm. #jesusjustleftshortpump #inahelicopter

Hadad’s Lake, Aug. 15
Sploogey sea of black T-shirts, fake blood and metal. Oh, and the Descendents and the Dickies are playing. #feartheportapotty

Gwar-B-Q, Aug. 15
  • Gwar-B-Q, Aug. 15


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