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Oh My Goth!



When Melora Creager created the electric cello choir Rasputina 10 years ago using a classified ad, she had one mantra: No boys and no guitars. The trio, obsessed with such Victorian attire as bloomers, corsets and hoopskirts, had a breakthrough hit, "Transylvania Concubine." But over the years, their music as well as fashion evolved, and the group managed to become a permanent aberration in mainstream music. With haunting lyrics that reference everything from Bin Laden to child soldiers, the group's newest album, "Oh Perilous World," meets the old melodies of classic Rasputina tied with the new beats of drummer Jonathon TeBeest. Their shows are ghostly recitals in which the pale apparitions shake your hand after the ambient sounds of the twisted performance are over. Rasputina performs with the Mathematicans and a quartet of local talent known as Now Sleepyhead Wednesday, Dec. 12, at 7 p.m. at Alley Katz. $10-$12. 643-2816.

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