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"Office" Star Steve Carell Filming in Richmond


Carell, along with Morgan Freeman and John Goodman, will be in town filming scenes for "Evan Almighty," a semisequel to "Bruce Almighty," the 2003 movie about a normal guy (Jim Carrey) who's given supernatural powers by God (Freeman).

In this installment Carell plays a congressman tapped by God to become a modern-day Noah, complete with an ark and a gradual transformation into a longhaired, bearded prophet who looks like a werewolf.

Filming in Richmond will take about a week, though most of the film is being shot in the Charlottesville area, film unit publicist Carol McConnaughey says.

"A local hotel is being dressed and transformed into congressional committee rooms," says McConnaughey, declining to name the hotel. However, tractor-trailer trucks were parked around the Hotel John Marshall on Fifth Street last week, and cars in nearby parking lots were blanketed with flyers informing people to park elsewhere this week because of filming for "Evan Almighty."

About 300 extras from around the state will be used in the congressional scenes, some of which will feature Carell with beard, and some of which will feature him in his more familiar clean-cut look.

And, sorry, all of the scenes will be filmed indoors, McConnaughey says.

The movie is scheduled to hit theaters in June 2007. S

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