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Off the Rack: Reckless Finesse: Alternative Designs at Wilted Roses


Brionna Nomi and her husband, Michael Broth, set up Wilted Roses three years ago as an all-purpose platform company to help capitalize on their creativity. From scarves to sign-painting, you can check out what spills from their brains at www.wiltedroses.com.

Recently Nomi has been focusing on a line of scarves and handbags, available at Kulture in Shockoe Bottom and on the Web site. Cue asked Nomi about her philosophy on trash, T-shirts and why scarves should still be in for spring.

CUE: How'd you pick the name, Wilted Roses?

Nomi: Once roses fade they get thrown out, but we still think they're really beautiful. We don't cater to one audience and not everybody might like our designs, but the people who do are from various subcultures that appreciate things that aren't always appreciated.

Are you still going to do scarves for spring?

Yeah, that's my project right now.  I started making scarves last winter and feminizing them with lace. They were two-sided with quilting, fleece and fur. People don't want to wear thick scarves in spring but like the comfort and how easy it is to accessorize with them, so I'm trying out interlock cotton and jersey.

What do the WReckless T-shirts mean?

There's a company up in New York City called aNYthing, so it's "anything" and "an N-Y thing." They work off various fonts and logos, like the Yankees logo, and incorporate it into their designs. So we thought it would be funny to do a knockoff of a knockoff [with "Wilted Roses"]. We picked the word "WReckless." It's kind of how we live.

What's your inspiration?

Growing up, my mom had a huge dining room table with a huge china cabinet behind it. We never really ate at [it], but sometimes I'd sit there, feeling like a queen, but I'd be eating fried chicken or a bowl of Cheerios.


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