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Farewell smooches to these wonderful icons we lost last year. Each in his or her own way made life here a bit more interesting and exciting.

On March 19, we lost Dr. William Regelson, 76, professor of internal medicine and microbiology and immunology at MCV. He was always on the cutting edge of medical research and the ethics that must accompany it. He was not shy about expressing himself -- sometimes on Style's Back Page. When he thought he was right -- and he often was -- he didn't surrender. The international medical community, not just Richmond, lost a star.

John Mapp's death in August left a hole in many local civic organizations and in the Democratic Party, but his main contribution to us was his dogged devotion to VCU's Evening College and to the adults who wanted to finish their education while working. He will be remembered for this and for his exploits as a World War II PT boat skipper.

Teresa Pollak, for most of her 103 years, livened the art scene in Richmond, nurtured emerging artists and treated us to the chance to see her wonderful paintings as her style developed.

In November, Joseph Ukrop, the patriarch of the Ukrop family, died at age 88. He mortgaged the family farm to open the first Ukrop's store and the rest is history --- His legacy is a local grocery chain that is an obvious success --especially on days when snow is predicted.

Goodbye to these valentines. We miss you.

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