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O'Bannon and her peers talk about Madam Chairman, growth, Motorola and more

It's Pat

Pat's Peers

O'Bannon's fellow supervisors on their chairman:

"We actually have some things in common. She was the first woman and I was the first African-American (elected to the Henrico County Board of Supervisors), so even though we come from different points on the political spectrum we work very well together."
—Frank Thornton, Democrat, Fairfield District supervisor

"She's really analytical and, boy, she gets into details on the issues we're involved in on a regional level."
—Jim Donati, Varina District supervisor and former chairman

"She's very diligent in her quest for information about the various and sundry issues that we address. I think she's pretty intense."
—Dick Glover, Brookland District supervisor and former chairman

"I think she's found being on the board is very demanding of time and effort to keep up with everything, to say the least. She's grown. There's still an awful lot to it, but she does her homework."
—David Kaechele, Three Chopt District supervisor and former chairman

Madam Chairman on ...

Solving problems
" First you listen, then you read. Next you think, then you lead. You take the constituent input and develop background and understand, use your head and do it."

Henrico's biggest challenges now ...
" Some issues are related to growth. Other issues are related to age. Henrico has both aging infrastructure (older schools, old water, old sewer pipes and pumps) and aging population."

... and in the future
" Education and training. Workforce needs change rapidly. As our citizens age, all workers will need new skills."

" I tell people what they tell us — that they are "on hold" for a few more years. There are no guarantees in life, just as there are no absolute guarantees in any business based on profits, supply and demand, free enterprise."

Her ambitions
" I'm in this for the long haul. In high school, I ran the mile, not the sprint. I love dealing with people and helping people. ... The federal, state and local governments are our various 'teams.' I like being on the

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