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NYPD begins its seventh season on ABC

"Blue" is Back


The long-delayed and long-awaited season premiere of one of ABC-TV's top dramas is finally at hand.

Airing Tuesday, Jan. 11, at 10 p.m., "NYPD Blue" begins its seventh season with a storyline that finds Sipowicz (Dennis Franz) and Sorenson (Rick Schroder) disgusted by the possibility that two fellow officers have beaten a man to death. Sub-plots to the episode center on Sipowicz and his young son adjusting to life at home without Sylvia and Detective Kirkendall (Andrea Thompson) contemplating a reunion with her ex-husband.

The episode, titled "Loogie Nights," carries a parental advisory about adult language and partial nudity. "NYPD Blue" was a pioneer prime-time series in delving into nudity as a way of attracting an audience.

ABC-TV had originally planned to delay the premiere of "NYPD Blue" only until Nov. 9 to allow the new drama "Once and Again" to find an audience in the police drama's usual Tuesday-night time slot. The network announced that "Blue" would be delayed until

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