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Soul Sides

Created by San Francisco Bay-area DJ and journalist Oliver "O-Dub" Wang, Soul Sides is the MP3 blog as entertaining postgraduate seminar, with a steady stream of downloadable rare tracks — most ripped from dusty vinyl — adding up to a secret history of R&B, hip-hop, funk and soul.

With his dual background as a writer and a DJ, Wang is a crate-digger nonpareil, articulate enough to explain why the music matters. Recent posts have included Jackie Moore's minor 1973 hit "Time," which comes across as insistent and minutely detailed proto-disco with funk syncopation intact, and Marcia Griffith's stoned take on Al Green's "Here I Am (Come and Take Me)," a hypnotic groove in search of the right Quentin Tarantino sequence.

Despite Wang's encyclopedic knowledge, his tone is loose and conversational, so his comments are easy to appreciate even if you're an R&B neophyte. The site's success has led to the excellent compilation, "Soul Sides Vol. 1," which features some of the highlighted tracks from the audioblog's first three years. *****

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