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No New Taxes: Rein in Spending

I enjoyed the article about the taxation debate and the upcoming Mark Warner vs. Jim Gilmore contest ("Love, Happiness and Higher Taxes," Cover Story, July 9). Both candidates obviously have their positive and negative attributes. That being said, your article -- along with many others elsewhere -- falls prey to the false premise that tax cuts "cause" deficits. Sure, we can argue the benefits or pitfalls of certain taxation policies, such as rates, exemptions and the like. However, it needs to be stated again and again that our problem is on the spending side of the equation. This is the case at both the state and federal levels.

Our commonwealth does not have a revenue shortage at all, and we certainly are not "undertaxed" by any stretch of the imagination! Our revenues have more than kept pace with population growth, during both Republican and Democrat hegemony. The problem is that spending has grown faster than Ted Kennedy's bar tab! Rather than assuming that we taxpayers are supposed to continually dig deeper and deeper, I would suggest that our politicians (of all stripes) do what the rest of us have to do every month and simply live within their means! Otherwise, we may soon end up having to have new a state motto inspired by Minnesota: "Virginia -- Land of 10,000 Taxes."

Jeff H. Kleb Jr.

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