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No Compassion for Sex Offender

The Rev. Glenn's comments on granting Ed Barber a "modicum of compassion" were absurd ("Lawyers Fight for Police Records in Ed Barber Case," Street Talk, April 18). Ed Barber molested a child. A child of whom he was in a custodial role. He has robbed the child of her innocence and trust.

He is a registered sex offender. He has been "virtually destroyed"? He should have been. Whatever "catastrophic episode" Mr. Barber goes through daily pales in comparison to what his victim must have to deal with.

My question is this: In January Mr. Barber was not a member of New Deliverance Church and now in April he is a longtime member?

Mr. Barber under oath stated his guilt, but has run around "proclaiming his innocence." Then he ran to court to have his counseling sealed. Still resides outside of his home due to his counseling requirements, going on eight months now.

Sounds like a great guy who deserves our compassion. He sounds like a great guy who should be in jail.

Emerson Danbury

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