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New Year's Eve


All New Year's Eve celebrations are inherently special, what with whole symbolic resetting of the yearly clock and initiating resolutions of change. Ringing in 2011 has its own bit of significance, however, because it once again offers the chance to argue about when exactly a new decade starts. While it's true that any span of 10 years is technically a decade, for those who are a tad forgetful, our modern Gregorian calendar system didn't begin with Year 0 but rather Year 1 (AD 1), which immediately followed 1 BC. Throw in the difference between ordinal numbers and cardinal numbers and you have a solid set of did-you-know talking points when you're out throwing back some buzzing cocktails and memories with friends (perhaps at Style Weekly's New Year's Launch Party at Capital Ale House Downtown). With venues across town throwing midnight get-togethers, say hello to your next 10

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