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New Year's Eve in Richmond

Thursday, Dec. 31.


While overwhelming costs have put throwing an official, organized New Year's Eve celebration on a hiatus, it's unlikely that anybody in the Commonwealth gives a shot-swilling gulp about proper city sanctioning when it comes to ringing in 2010. Whether you're planning to crawl the hill of Shockoe Slip with Cha Cha's Cantina, Sine, Richbrau and Tobacco Company, to cycle the corners of Main and Robinson streets with Three Monkeys, Star-Lite, Commercial Taphouse and Metro, or to venture into the now ball-deficient (or at least ball-unsanctioned) atmosphere of Carytown's New York Deli and Babe's, there will be little shortage of countdowns, party hats and noisemakers at the stroke of midnight. In a lot of ways the only real problem with starting a new decade is going to be the consensus of what to call the last one: The Oughts? The Ohs? The Uh-Ohs? Debate amongst yourselves at your favorite watering hole Dec. 31. Call individual locations for details on their scheduled

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