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New Year, new City

What you think the city should resolve to do in 2003.

First place:

I will spend time in my calm spots to think hard on the needs of all who are part of me.

— Mary Ellen Mercer

Honorable mentions:

I will get Far West End folks to come East of Three Chopt to see my charm. — Nancy Witham

I will put low-rent homes, strong schools, and all kinds of jobs in my plans for a sleek, fast-track me.

— Mary Ellen Mercer

I will not force bars to serve more food than beer.

— Heidi Powell

Some of you have bones to pick:

I will think of past swift moves as I rush to tear down the high walk on Sixth Street. — Lois delBueno

I will not send past-due tax bills to you for five long years past the date of sale on your old car. — Heidi Powell

Some of you are still stuck in the snow:

I will watch for snow and hope it won't show and buy bread and milk at the store with the odd name we all know. — Kim Onder

I will not scream or need to take drugs or join in the rush to shop when I hear the word snow.

— Alioune Grossman

'Ere it snows, I will urge folks not to rush to the store for bread and milk! — Rosalie S. Wasserman

Some of you are cynical:

I will not dream of days of boys in gray or carp that I have been kept down — but will stand up and move on.

— Christopher Mullins

Some of you have high hopes:

I will tell one and all they soon can catch a train from down on East Main Street! — Rosalie S. Wasserman

I will at last find "the real me" and show folks north and south why they should spend more time with me. — Lois delBueno

I will help the cops catch the thugs who rob our banks all the time!

— Rosalie S. Wasserman

And some of you put the city in a philosophical mood:

I will learn to love change and be open to change now that change is here to stay. — Leonda Whitaker

I will quiet down and be a safe place for all who live, love and work in my heart. — Frances Nunnally

I will be a kind force that will lead all those that dwell on earth, to be as one and to live in peace. — Bridget

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