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New Magazines Bound for Richmond

The publishers of Brewhaha!, partners Sean Mathes (an MC in the local hip-hop band Funkaholic), Scott Grenz and Paul Walters, plan to show why Central Virginia "has the third highest concentration of brew pubs in the country," Mathes says.

With a fun tone, celebrity writers and special guests every issue, Mathes promises, the letter-size magazine will keep his specialty-beer-loving audience informed of Central Virginia beer culture and establishments. "We're on the social pulse of the area as well," he says. The first issue is due June 1; more info is on

A strictly local flavor will be on tap for Richmond Rockitz Magazine, says spokesman Paul Magill. Due in music stores and venues this week, the 16-page, black-and-white tabloid will focus on local original music, says Magill, who has been a longtime contributing writer for the Richmond Music Journal. Readers will get comparable coverage of such players as Crucial Elements, Another Pretty Face and members of the Floating Folk Festival, he says.

Yet it's the international connection — to Stockholm, Sweden, of all places — that raises curiosity about Richmond Rockitz. Stockholm is where former Richmonder David Hudert runs Rockitz Europe and Rockitz USA, nonprofit music-development and promotion companies that maintain a nebulous number of operations and projects. Those projects include talent-coordination for some of President Clinton's inaugural events, a label named Reckless Records and concert events worldwide.

Hudert named the organization in 1984 after his club, Rockitz, a Richmond music venue that once operated on the corner of Laurel and Broad streets in the building that most recently housed Sweetwater Restaurant.

It's Hudert's local ties and (just as importantly, Magill emphasizes) the city's dynamic music scene, that make Richmond the home base for Rockitz USA's programs. Magill says Hudert's company also backs RockitzTV, a local cable-access show that airs Thursday nights at 10, and has plans in the works for Rockitz University, or "RockU," a Richmond school "geared toward anything having to do with a live performance."

After Style recently reported on the creation of culture-pub Wadi, e-mails starting flying to announce a new music magazine supposedly on the horizon called The Tool. But repeated e-mails to the magazine went unanswered.

— Wayne Melton

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