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New look for the Trellis in Colonial Williamsburg; Avalon's interesting summer menu


Twenty years can put some serious wear on a restaurant. Even if the restaurant is the fancy and well-kept Trellis in Colonial Williamsburg.

But no one can accuse the famous establishment of being over-the-hill. Just to make sure customers keep pouring in from out of town, owners Marcel Desaulniers and John Curtis recently overhauled the interior of the Trellis and gave it a more modern look, with the help of Washington-based architectural firm Adamstein & Demetriou, designers of well-known D.C.-area restaurants like Coco Loco and the Mendocino Grille.

The colors are bright, and the lines are sleek and contemporary. Not exactly in keeping with the theme of Colonial Williamsburg, but everyone needs a break from lace doilies and tapered candles. 403 Duke of Gloucester St., Williamsburg. Make reservations at (757) 229-8610.

What would summer be without a little decadence? You'll be asking yourself that question in a booth at soon after we spill the beans on Chef Q Derks' interesting summer menu.

We know that getting slim for summer is an uphill battle, but please don't get mad when we tell you about Avalon's appetizer of deep-fried artichoke hearts in basil mayonnaise. We're not to blame when we mention the filet mignon in Asian peanut sauce, or slide in a description of the mango paradise dessert, grilled mango macerated in Grand Marnier and drizzled with chocolate syrup. We're just doing our job. 2619 W. Main St.

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