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New downtown restaurant/bar FireBallz; Vegetarian Society's summer vegan dinner


No wonder we couldn't find a dinette set for the kitchen. That new downtown restaurant/bar, FireBallz, must have bought them all. The place is stacked with all things retro.

FireBallz is the coolest-looking restaurant Tastemakers has ever seen. The theme is classic cars, and the place is tricked-out with enough hot-rod effects to make a car buff swoon.

They use giant, fuzzy dice for coffee tables, various ends of vintage wheels for booths and couches, and the enormous bar top is made of glass, hollowed out with giant flames.

The most inventive detail is FireBallz's conversion of two old gas pumps. They pump soda and Pabst Blue Ribbon beer. Wow.

The menu is described as "hotrod diner food " by part-owner Jake Shelton. It's full of specialty pizzas, big burgers and spicy pastas.

FireBallz is open for lunch and dinner. But you might consider making a late-night pit stop. This Saturday, June 17, the rockabilly band Car Bomb, Inc. gets onstage around 10:30 p.m. 623 E. Main St.

If you're in the market for new dishes to serve this summer, make reservations for the Vegetarian Society's summer vegan dinner June 21 at Grapeleaf restaurant on Three Chopt Road. The $19 meal ticket includes the whole spread of appetizers, entrées and dessert. Make reservations by Thursday, June 15 at

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