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Nature's Call

A toilet shortage leaves Rascal Flatts fans seeking relief in the bushes.



There was a little too much of a down-home vibe for some fans attending last weekend’s Rascal Flatts show in Richmond.

A toilet shortage at the Redskins training camp’s inaugural concert left some attendees waiting in hour-long lines to use the bathroom and others urinating in bushes.

The country supergroup made multiple onstage references to the backup, attendee Cody Fierbaugh says: The band “kept saying things like, ‘Let me hear it from the people in the Port-a-John line.” Aside from that, he said, it was “a good time.”

Venue management company SMG put on the concert as a benefit for a local charity. Last week they told a city board they were expecting between 5,000 and 6,000 attendees. Some concertgoers said they counted eight toilets, but SMG says in an email there were 16 -- and that it will make adjustments next time.

“Lines were long … and in the future we’re going to account for that,” says Jackie Knight, SMG’s director of booking and marketing. “I hope the positives from the show outweighed the bathrooms for folks.”

Concert proceeds were to benefit the E.J. Wade Foundation, a Mechanicsville nonprofit that advocates for emergency preparedness.

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