Nameless Gangster (Bumchoiwaui junjaeng)

Rated NR 133 min. 2012

On the verge of being laid off, corrupt customs officer Choi Ik-hyun finds a methamphetamine shipment. His life turns around when he partners with the harbor city's biggest crime organization boss, Choi Hyung-bae to make money off it. They eventually find out they are distant relatives. Hyung-bae helps Ik-hyun set up a business with the money from drug trafficking while Ik-hyun lobbies for his partner Hyung-bae. With his unique wit and ability to make people like him, Ik-hyun borrows Hyung-bae's power to take over Busan. However, the partnership turns sour over delings with a rival organization. Soon after, the government declares war on crime and Ik-hyeon decides to take the opportunity to set up his partner and escape the tightening grip of the law enforcement.

Film Credits

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Director: Jong-bin Yun

Writer: Jong-bin Yun

Cast: Min-sik Choi and Jung-woo Ha

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