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Musicians Play for Tsunami Relief

Stone, who returned to Richmond in 2000 after working as tour manager for the Allman Brothers, is a bit of an inside man in the Richmond music scene. His band, Stone's Stew, has earned its stripes on the city's club circuit.

The connections have paid off, and the restaurant has recruited a long list of musicians. "I never got one 'no' from anyone I called," Stone says.

The roster includes Quatro na Bossa, Brian Jones and Kuhl, the DJ Williams Projekt, Howard Curtis' Percussion Discussion and Oregon Hill Funk All-Stars, who will perform in Fusion's downstairs club. Terry Garland and Susan Greenbaum will play acoustic numbers upstairs.

Fusion plans to donate the proceeds from the concert to the Greater Richmond Chapter of the American Red Cross, whose volunteers will be working the concert. Stone hopes to raise upward of $5,000 for the relief effort.

The benefit will be held Jan. 22 at noon. The cover charge is $15. Fusion is located at 109 S. 12th St. For more information, call 249-2338.

— Brandon Reynolds

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