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Musicians from Marlboro featuring David Soyer on Feb. 3

High Infidelity


Once again, master cellist David Soyer will commit what he calls "serial musical adultery" by performing with musicians outside his own Guarneri string quartet — just as he has every summer for the last 36 years. Now in its 50th year, the Marlboro Summer Music Program gathers chamber ensembles composed of master concert artists and young professional musicians at the start of their careers and provides them rehearsal space, study space and performance opportunities throughout the summer. By this ingenious process, the founders of the Summer Music Program believe that senior musicians are able to pass on vital artistic insights, while being refreshed by the youth and enthusiasm of their talented ensemble partners. The Musicians from Marlboro Touring program, of which the upcoming concert at VCU is a part, is an outgrowth of that same summer festival. Noted for its uncommon repertoire choices and intended to provide invaluable touring experience to its younger artists, the concerts benefit concertgoers everywhere with "fresh enthusiastic performances by fine musicians," says Soyer. Of his collaboration with the young talent of the Marlboro Summer Music Program, veteran artist David Soyer says that he enjoys "the freshness of the playing and the opportunity to see the music through the eyes of younger musicians." A veteran of the same summer music program in 1960, Soyer is an artist who has done it all. He played with the United States Navy Band and the CBS Orchestra, all the while maintaining a performance schedule with his first love, the Guarneri quartet, of which he is a founding member.

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