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Terrific Turn-of-the Century Toys


Here are the top gift picks for CDs from the staffs of Plan 9 Records in Carytown and Willie's on East Broad Street.

The staff at Plan 9 offers these gift ideas:

Beastie Boys Anthology
"The Sounds of Science," $19.99

Dave Matthews Band
"Listener Supported," $17.99 (two disks)

"Midnite Vultures," $13.99

Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
"S&M," $19.99 (two disks)

"Hampton Comes Alive," $69.99 (six disks)

Enrique Iglesias
"Enrique," $14.99

The Artist
"Rave un2 the Joy Fantastic," $13.99

Rage Against the Machine
"The Battle of Los Angeles," $17.99

Ahmed Rahman at Willie's recommends the following holiday picks:

Angie Stone
"Black Diamond," $14.99

The Notorious B.I.G.
"Born Again," $15.99

Dr. Dre
"Chronic 2001," $14.99

"Streets is a Mutha," $14.99

"Rap Life," $14.99

Bryan McKnight
"Back at One," $15.99

Everyone, it seems, has a Christmas record. Here are a few of the new releases this season that, depending on your tastes, might help put you in the holiday spirit:

Kenny G
"Faith," $13.99

South Park
"Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics," $17.99

"Joy: A Holiday Collection," $13.99

Various Artists
"A Very Special Christmas Live from Washington D.C.," $17.99

98 Degrees
"This Christmas," $13.99

Garth Brooks
"The Magic of Christmas,"

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