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Motorcycle Mania

The brunch draws as many as 200 people, many of whom spill out onto Poe's outdoor patio and parking lot in nice weather to ogle the roar of a friend's engine or inspect a new customized paint job. The loud and shiny allure of the bikes also regularly attracts families, says Wrenn. Young children savor the eye-and-ear candy.

In addition to the chaps and cycles, lively conversation is a staple of the event. Nothing said is off-color and the socializing nevers turns rowdy, Wrenn assures. Instead, attendees debate and discuss parts and repairs, and share scenic-ride routes. Often, after filling their bellies, a group of riders gets together and rumbles out of the parking lot on a day ride to Williamsburg or another nearby destination.

BMW Riders Club member Bill Zimmerman began hosting "Bikes in the Bottom" seven years ago when Wrenn co-owned the now out-of-business Moondance Café. After Moondance closed in 1999, Wrenn started working at Poe's Pub, and "Bikes in the Bottom" followed him there and has been a Poe's tradition ever since.

- Sarah Gregory

"Bikes in the Bottom" takes place from 9:30 a.m. — noon the second Sunday of every month at Poe's Pub, 2606 E. Main St. Call 648-2120.

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