Most Memorable Eye-Openers for a Bike Delivery Service

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Quickness RVA, a bicycle crew that delivers food for restaurants including Bistro 27, Alamo BBQ, Fresca and Lunch, has seen it all. Founder Frank Bucalo recalls some of the more eye-opening parts of the job:

1. Bare skin. Nude people answer the door all the time. A lot of them say they just got out of the shower, but they're completely dry, so we don't always believe them.

2. Drug paraphernalia. Sometimes it's a big cloud of smoke and once it was a guy tying off a vein in his arm. No one holds back for a delivery driver.

3. Car accidents. When you're on the streets as long as we are, you witness a lot of car crashes. A couple of us have been hit on our bikes, too.

4. No one home. We get there before the customers do. People call us from their cars when they're driving home and sometimes we beat them there. Some of the restaurants we work with are really quick — like Alamo can fix a platter in five minutes and we can deliver it in three more. You get there before they do and have to wait. It's annoying when you have three more deliveries to do.

5. Unusual tips. One girl asked the delivery guy if he liked movies and when he said yes, she tipped him in Byrd bucks. Another time, the delivery was to a high rise, and when the driver got there, he called the number and was told to bring the food up to the rooftop pool where they were having a party. He was offered a beer and a dip in the pool — and with no deliveries left on his schedule for the day, he took advantage of both.

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