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Vogue Flowers

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Steve Papoulakos of Vogue’s Flowers. - SCOTT ELMQUIST

Want white peonies in December? They’re shipped from Israel at $9 per bloom — wholesale.

Want February’s forsythia in April? Vogue’s owner Steve Papoulakos keeps yellow sprays from his Hanover County farm in a refrigerated room, where the flowers think it’s still winter.

Every weekend, Vogue’s wholesale warehouse on the Boulevard fills with flowers from around the world: roses from Colombia, proteas from Africa, heathers from Australia and exotic tropicals from Mexico.

Flown in refrigerated planes, the flowers touch down in Miami on a Friday morning and arrive at Vogue Saturday night. Starting at 7 a.m. Monday the trucks carry them off to grace office desks and bridal bouquets — and then to fade, just as next week’s shipment arrives.

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