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It has everything a Very Richmond thing could want: a historic building turned into something new, artistic creativity lurking around every corner — heck, it even has a few Ukrops. The Quirk Hotel, an extension of Katie Ukrop’s Quirk Gallery, and a project with her husband, Ted, is scheduled to open in September at Broad and Jefferson streets.

The 70-room hotel, which allowed media inside for hard-hat tours last week, will bring life to a former six-story department store built in 1916. And the building immediately west of it will be converted into the new home of the Quirk Gallery and connected to the hotel. That building also will have hotel rooms.

As Style architecture critic Edwin Slipek puts it, Quirk Hotel “promises to be more than a chic rethinking of an old building. It has the makings of a major social and retail anchor along this stretch of the Broad Street Arts District.”

Quirk Hotel
201 W. Broad St.

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