Morning Anchor Most Likely to Get a Case of the Giggles

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The early hours kept by morning television hosts are enough to make anyone a little punchy. But “CBS-6 This Morning” co-anchor Reba Hollingsworth has some extra pep in her step. The station has even taken to sharing clips of her giggle fits on its Facebook page. Something can tickle her at a moment’s notice, leaving her to read the Teleprompter through tears of laughter. Or maybe it’s just her co-anchor, Rob Cardwell. We asked him to share some insight about his happy-go-lucky on-air partner:

“My granny in Florida used to call it ‘draggin’ alligator.’ It’s that moment you wake up — when you’re cranky, haven’t had your coffee yet, and not looking forward to starting another work day. Want a cure for that? It’s my friend Reba Hollingsworth’s giggle. You can’t help but smile yourself when you hear that Texas-sized, genuine laugh coming from a person just a coffee cup taller than Tyrion Lannister.

“Most times she gives me the ol’ eye roll when I crack one of my (hilariously funny) jokes, but every now and again I can get her giggling so hard she can’t talk. There was the time I introduced mild-mannered meteorologist Mike Stone as “Magic Mike,” the shirtless stripper. Or when I demonstrated how when attacked by a bee, I turn into an instant karate expert by wildly chopping the air.

“You know the ‘Stop, I’m going to pee!’ kind of giggle? That’s the Reba giggle. And when she starts, traffic reporter Kristen Luehrs and meteorologist Nikki-Dee Ray are right behind her. It’s funny to hear composed women laugh so hard they snort. I’m not sure what Reba thinks about us posting clips on Facebook, but they sure get a lot of ‘likes.’

“As quick as she is to laugh, it takes a while to stop. I’ve had to take over a tease to commercial break on occasion. That gives Reba time to stop the giggles, wipe away the running mascara, and compose herself to present the news of the day. Here sunny attitude, and of course the free coffee, are two big reasons I love coming to work every morning — even when I’m ‘draggin’ alligator.’”

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