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More response to "Is This Man Crazy?"; Amazing intellect provides food for thought


More response to "Is This Man Crazy?"
Sean Church is an ambitious man with many great ideas about how to help suffering people Cover story, May 2. He has been subjected to much pain throughout his life and has committed himself to easing the pain of others for the future. Is Sean Church really crazy?

If crazy means standing up for his rights, fighting against discrimination or believing in the possibility of a better world, then, yes, he is crazy. And so am I. Hopefully there are many others who are crazy as well.

The article in Style Weekly did not leave me with an understanding of his cause. I got the image of a man who was suing the Veteran's Administration hospital for the purpose of stirring things up, annoying some people and making some money while he was at it. These are not Sean Church's intentions.

So why is he really suing? He is suing because his rights were violated. Because he knows the rights of others have and are being refused. Veterans should have access to the best health care available. They have given up part of their lives to defend and protect you and I; the least we can do is take care of these men and women when they are sick.

The truth is that Sean Church is fighting a good fight. He is standing up for those who are unable to stand up for themselves.

Since entering college in the fall of 1997 at Virginia Commonwealth University, I have thought that Richmond was a breeding ground for apathy — a place content with the status quo. Now, however, I am realizing that the people of Richmond are standing up for what is right. There are people who are willing to fight unselfishly for change. This gives me great hope in the future of this nation.

I must say thank you to Sean Church for being brave and persistent despite the odds he is facing.

There was once a man named Martin Luther King Jr. who had a dream of justice, equality and peace. At the time, he was viewed by many as a revolutionary who was just trying to cause problems and get noticed.

Today he is one of the greatest heroes of the civil rights movement. Sean Church has a dream: a dream of justice, equality and peace. Should he be ridiculed or heard? I believe he should be heard.
Rebekah Nantier

Amazing intellect provides food for thought
I must admit I started reading the article about Greg Smith Cover story, May 9 with a jaundiced eye. The media attention that has been focused on this child has seemed to me to be totally inappropriate. But after reading the article not only had this attitude changed but I have found myself reflecting on the contents ever since.

Greg Smith is truly gifted and his intellect is not his greatest gift. He has been blessed with parents who possess a rare wisdom. When everyone seems to be intent on wasting money on trying to win $300 million and what they think will give then a happy life, Greg understands that life is one long challenge and that which we work for is the only thing with real value. He also understands that his intellect is a gift he has been entrusted with, and he has plans for how he will use that gift to benefit the human community. Not in any quote did he focus on what his gift would enable him to do for himself. With that understanding he will indeed experience a rich life.

During the time I was thinking about Greg Smith and his life plan, I watched "Frontline" on PBS which dealt with how democracy has been stolen from the Russian people by human greed.

All of this came together to remind me of a phrase from the Bible: "and a little child shall lead them."

All in all, the media, which usually makes me very angry, has succeeded in giving me food for thought.

Thank you, Style, for your part.
Catherine E. Robertson

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