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Monotonix at the Plaza Bowl



Encapsulating the fuzzy fervor of the Stooges, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, Tel Aviv, Israel, trio Monotonix could howl about the lack of polish found in recorded performances, preferring the barbaric licks and head-banging thumps of something raw and real. Monotonix cemented its reputation with its sweat-drenched live shows, occasionally setting equipment on fire, playing portions of sets in the crowd and having drummer Ran Shimoni disassemble his kit, pass the pieces to the audience and play a drum solo perched on their supporting bodies.

The group attempts to turn any venue, large or small, into an unabashed frenzy of rock. Supporting the release of its latest album, “Where Were You When It Happened?” (with an album cover depicting the three members emerging from an unzipped pants crotch), Monotonix performs at Plaza Bowl on Wednesday, Oct. 14, at 10 p.m. 233-8799.

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