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Mob Strikes Back


You gave us a -1 for doing a flash mob at the Strawberry Street Festival ("The Score," Street Talk, May 11). In fact, I was thrilled that you mentioned us. And — true — it wouldn't have been very cool for you to give us a "+" given that flash mobs are hardly a novel thing — right? Although — cut us some slack — flash mobs aren't 2003, as you said. It was more like 2009 that they did that T-Mobile one that truly started the craze.

Anyway, our final video is at tinyurl.com/strawberrymob [also see styleweekly.com]. I hope after you've seen this, you'll give us some props for representing the amazing spirit of this community well and for supporting the Richmond Public Schools. If we could get even more people to choose to support the public schools by enrolling their kids, we might achieve socio-economic balance in all our city schools and we'd improve the lives of a whole lot of kids.

Wendy Martin


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