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Missing Million? Kluge Pledges to Pay Up



Media billionaire John Kluge is making good on his delinquent $1 million donation to the state's Brown vs. Board of Education scholarship fund, business partner Stu Subotnick told Style Tuesday afternoon.

In 2004, the state launched the program to pay tuition for black students whose schools were closed in the name of Massive Resistance after the landmark 1954 Supreme Court ruling Many are now grown and in some cases retired.

Initially, the General Assembly appropriated only $50,000. Kluge offered to make a $1 million donation if the legislature agreed to match it. The state paid up, but Kluge's check has yet to arrive. Gov. Tim Kaine told Style last week attempts to contact Kluge about the promised donation had been unsuccessful.

"He doesn't recall being notified that the state made the matching million," Subotnick says. "I would imagine within the next seven days the state will get the money."

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