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Michael Morchower's Letter to Kathleen Willey

Didn't you chase Bill Clinton around and attempt to become one of his "other women" ("Kathleen's Crusade," Cover Story, Feb. 20)?

Didn't you travel to Williamsburg to deliver chicken noodle soup to sooth Mr. Clinton's vocal chords?

Didn't you tell many of Ed's friends that Bill Clinton would be speaking at his funeral? However, Bill never showed up!

Didn't you anticipate a position of importance at the White House that never materialized?

So, isn't your book just plain old sour grapes?

Life moves on for most people while others fantasize about what might have been. Most of us who had any relationship with the Clintons are doing well and have positive memories of them.

I wish you well in your journey through life.

Michael Morchower

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