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Metro Grill Review Was Lame


Metro Grill Review Was Lame

I read Kevin Finucane's recent review of Metro Grill (Restaurants, Dec. 4). Then I read it again. Then I read it a third time. And still I was left with the nagging question: huh?

From your overall disapproving tone and snarky observations it seems you found something about Metro Grill to be distasteful — and it wasn't the food.

First there's the clientele. You write, "It is typically chock full of … Capital One types." What, pray tell, do "Capital One types" look and act like? Just the other day I found myself surrounded by some "Capital One types" — from various departments and areas of expertise, ranging in age from early 20s to late 40s and from places as disparate as Massachusetts and Texas, India and Turkey, Canada and Virginia. Tell me, Mr. Finucane, how do you "type" such a group of individuals?

Then you take issue with the alma mater of some of the clientele. You write, "The patient observer may even spy a daddiepayd" (sic — what's with the cutesy spelling, anyway?) "… known for bending down the sides of their ragged U.Va. baseball caps ..."

I don't have any idea where you matriculated, Mr. Finucane, but I assure you that U.Va. doesn't hold a monopoly on this particular "type" of Metro Grill denizen. U.Va. also has its share of "Iworkedtopaymyownways."

Then things get really confusing. You start your review by bemoaning the lack of menu variety in the Fan in general, and conclude that Metro Grill is no exception. Yet you praise the wait staff, calling them "accommodating and professional," and describe your crepes Margaret as "immensely rich" and "enjoyable in their own quirky way." How does "quirky" square with your general assessments of Metro Grill as offering "little variety"?

Is Metro Grill Lemaire? No. Is it Peking? No. Is it Europa or Millie's or Amici? No, no and no. And it isn't trying to be. So if you're looking for something more exotic —blowfish, perhaps? — Metro Grill probably isn't the place for you. But if you want a delicious meal served by a terrific wait staff in an inviting environment, then get down to Metro Grill ASAP. - Hope Dondero

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