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Methodology Questioned in “Prettiest Mayor” Race

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I have to wonder about Modelogic Wilhelmina owner Stacie Vanchieri's choice of Mayor Dwight C. Jones as “prettiest mayor” (“Who's the Prettiest Mayor?” News & Features, Feb. 18). Of the four choices pictured, two mayors are smiling, one's lips are compressed together as if she's wondering, “How am I going to fix this budget deficit?” and the fourth mayor's image is one of her caught in midspeech, with her face at an angle to the camera. How can you compare four individuals fairly with three different facial expressions?

Obviously, Mayor Gayle McLaughlin of Richmond, Calif., is the obvious winner for “prettiest mayor.” Here we have a lady who appears to have attained the status of wise and knowledgeable grandmother, but still maintains a youthful, attractive appearance, with a forthright, steely fortitude (if you read her biography).

As for Mayor Sally Hutton ... at first glance I thought, he looks pretty good, then I took a closer look and thought — oops!
Joe Shocket


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