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Melton's Malady Melts Movie Maven


The headline should have read, “One Random Guy's Favorite Movies That You Probably Haven't Seen” (“Take Twenty,” Arts & Culture, Dec. 30).

I know, I know — taste in movies is subjective, and Wayne Melton's opinion is as valid as anyone else's. However, it is also true that Melton is writing for a publication that a lot of people will read, and his opinions are — umm, how do I put this politely — a tad unique.

“About Schmidt” is No. 2? Really? “A.I.”? I almost fell over when I saw “The New World” on there.

Where's the love for “Dark Knight”? “Wall-E”? “Return of the King”? “Million Dollar Baby”? I'm just getting warmed up.

Oh, well. I suppose, perhaps, that Melton's malady is the very thing that qualifies him to be a film critic, because in one way, he's just like the rest: Out. Of. Touch.

Joseph Weindl

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