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Social Media Club chapter launches in Richmond.



More than 125 fans of social media are slapping real paper nametags on themselves. Add your Twitter handle, please, instructs Kira Siddall (@KSiddall), to those in line for a sold-out event at Morton's the Steakhouse.

Social media is a term used to describe loosely those online tools that connect people — such as Facebook, Twitter, discussion boards, chat sites and photo-sharing groups. Now there's the Social Media Club to connect those people in the flesh.

“Just met @knownhuman and hanging with @codearachnid @jmlumpkin @kamenlee @dwlumpkin …” Trevor Dickerson (@TrevorDickerson) posts for his 391 Twitter followers to read.

Like Oprah, CNN and Ashton Kutcher, Dickerson has only 140 characters for each of his Tweets, a real-time, running commentary-slash-virtual chat on the Twitter site, which is exploding in popularity. Dickerson, 20, is a Virginia Commonwealth University student who builds Web sites and also runs, which, naturally, has its own Twitter feed (@ShortPump).

Some kind of new contact is happening online these days. But tonight, May 7, it takes a human turn. Handshakes. Card-exchanging. Debating. Flirting? Steak sandwiches, crab cakes, wine and beer. And some people, yes, Tweet from their cell phones, having the short messages project on a screen in the room.

Oh look, there's @maryframer and @gatewood5000 and @jonnew and @stevemullen and @miketoner. A local Twitter star: Dave Saunders (@madmain), Richmond's most-followed Twitterer, according to, with 12,890 people signed up for his keystrokes.

Richmond's Top 10 Twitter users, based on stats from the Twitterholic site, each have more than 2,000 followers.

“#smcrva was a great success,” Twitters Edward Baldwin (@edwardbbaldwin), a local copywriter for Compel. The “#” marks his message for anyone who wants to find comments tagged as such. (One popular tag locally, “#RVA”; then there's the Twitter spinoff site:

Interviewed through Twitter, club co-founder Doug Meacham (@DougMeacham) says his hope for the Richmond chapter is “(local & global) to connect, learn & share w/ business ppl who want 2 find new ways to listen to & serve their clients.”
He adds in a second Tweet, “But do so in a way that shares best practices, ethics and standards, and promotes media literacy around Social Media.”

Another co-founder is Nathan Hughes (@rvabusiness), vice president and sales manager for Bandazian & Holden. How did the event go? “Great ppl, food, & conversation = great start!” he Tweets. “The enthusiasm & turnout shows a strong need for this. I'm glad to be involved!”

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