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An inside source reveals story ideas generated during a brainstorming meeting for the soon-to-merge and



The Best Break-Up Spots in Windsor Farms: A bittersweet walk down memory lane with J. Stewart Bryan. Featuring a poignant photo essay by Bob Brown.

A Quiet Italian: Graffiato’s Mike Isabella uses old-school roots and modern sensibilities to remain mum on Richmond’s ballpark debate.

The Thrifty Side of Charles Samuels: A Graham Moomaw three-parter on the City Council president’s secret bargain spots and favorite Groupons. Plus: Why Warren Buffett isn’t investing in Groupon.

Kids These Days: VCU students embrace online courses, something called “Tinder” and fried-chicken nights at the trendiest restaurants in Church Hill. Sidebar: our food writer’s first-person account: Hey, Have You Ever Tried Lee’s Chicken?

Secrets from the Shad Planking: Jeff Schapiro shares the six best ways to get those little fish bones out of your bowtie.

McDonnell’s Corner: The former governor blogs on life in the clink and reveals the best ways to stretch a commissary budget.

The Business of Chillin’ Out: Carol Hazard scours the city for the perfect cup of herbal tea to sip while poring over bankruptcy listings. Plus, romance in Metro Business: Our secret obsession with Richmond BizSense.

Why Richmond Why!?! Phil Riggan and Rex Springston continue their inquiry into just how big catfish can get from a canoe moored in the James River.

Folk Festival Preview: A. Barton Hinkle’s seven reasons to avoid the Pinko assault of that hippie music. Sidebar: Why a red state should avoid listening to the blues.

Internal Considerations: A list of things I thought about deeply when I was told that our company owned by Michael Paul Williams

Internal Considerations: A list of things I thought about deeply when I was told that people read Yelp reviews. by Karri Peifer

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