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Mayor Wilder Should Continue to Clean House

The ability to see clearly is a gift not given to many. Today, the gift is very rare ("Methodical Tyrants," News & Features, May 2).

Americans seem not to compute 9/11, 20,000 cars torched in Paris or death threats to Salman Rushdie. This third attempt by Islam to rule the world by violence is presented by our press as something not associated with us, disguised beyond recognition, either from fear or inability to speak truth.

George Bush and Tony Blair are the only public figures who see clearly, have stood up against the Islamic movement. Their failure is that they are too timid. A Harry Truman solution will ultimately be necessary.

Here in Richmond, the same problem exists. The only one that sees clearly is Mayor Doug Wilder. Richmond has been ravaged by years with a perverse, incompetent government.

Although Wilder has no A-bomb to clean house, his rolling of heads is as effective and equally fun to watch. There is not space here to tell of my loathing for some officials I've dealt with over the years. I say, clean the house and good riddance; prosecute the assessor.

As for Councilman Bill Pantele and the others, they suffer the same blight as their predecessors. Council hasn't figured out that it is a legislative body — writer of ordinances, not executive. Actually, council could stay home. There are at least seven inches of ordinances already written, enough to keep Wilder busy for years.

It would please me, though, if Mayor Wilder would take time to enforce the barking dog, loud music and muffler ordinances, and enforce the building codes on every building, as council has already written.

Meanwhile, let council continue to squeal and peep in the candy store.

Sam Forrest

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