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Matera's rant wasn't worthy; Rich-TV watchers aren't sick; An important distinction between love and liquor


Matera's rant wasn't worthy
Do you have no more relevant news or opinions to print on your Back Page than the ranting blather Marianne Matera produced for your April 3 edition? Sometimes Ms. Matera writes an interesting or at least relevant column for you. This was not one of those columns.

Rants about her personal frustrations with house plants and relatives are just not worthy of your Back Page, which usually features intelligent and intriguing discourse. If you find her personal frustrations fascinating enough to take up that much room, let me tell you about my last couple of days ….

M.E. Lohmeyer

Rich-TV watchers aren't sick
I have just read the article regarding Blab-TV, now known as Rich-TV (cover story, April 10). I was dismayed to read a quote attributed to me that is completely inaccurate. In the article, I am quoted as referring to watchers of Blab/Rich-TV as "sick people." I did not make this remark to your reporter, nor have I ever referred to any viewer of Blab/Rich-TV in this manner. Quite frankly, I am furious.

Blab/Rich-TV is exactly what we expect it to be. It is a forum for local service businesses like ours to assist and advertise in, and yes, profit from our community. The people who patronize our show and therefore our business are important to us, they are not "sick."

Eddie Knapp
Managing partner
AC Doctors LLC

Style responds:
Style Weekly stands by the story.

Writer Meg Medina responds:
I have checked over the notes of my telephone interview with Eddie Knapp, and the quote is completely accurate. My understanding, then and now, is that Mr. Knapp made the comment lightly to describe his surprise at having a substantial viewership, not to make a literal attack on his clients' mental stability. My regrets if this was not apparent.

An important distinction between love and liquor
First of all I wanted to thank you for the nice photo of our Blue Martini in your "Best of Richmond" issue (cover story, April 17); subsequently, thank you to all of your readers who voted for us as Best Martini in Richmond. However, I hope I'm not being too picky by saying the Valentine's Day Martini that I concocted for Finlandia is not called "Hearts of Love." The correct name for it is 'Les Coeur de Liquor,' which simply means "hearts of liquor." I hope you weren't trying to dumb down the correct name for the sake of your sophisticated readers.

Mark Walsh
Bar manager
Patina Grill

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