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Mat Kearney at the National



Mat Kearney tends to get relegated to the background, a place that for all intents and purposes has only strengthened his ability to be recognized. Thanks to his 2004 breakout album “Nothing Left to Lose,” the young singer and songwriter from Eugene, Ore., has set the emotional tone for more prime time television scenes than he can rightfully count — “Gray's Anatomy,” “Without a Trace,” NCIS,” and so on. With his most recent effort, “City of Black and White,” Kearney continues to tighten his pop craftsmanship with songs that can't help but glide by on their own textured production like some mannered, manifesting specter. While certainly not the kind of material meant to break new creative ground, the guy's tunes are perfect for supporting the teleplay of your own life's special moments. Supported by Erin McCarly, Kearney plays the National on Friday, June 26, at 8 p.m. $16-$19. 612-1900,

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