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We ask some of Richmond's biggest craft brew fans: Which beers intrigue you?



Brandon Tolbert
Head Brewer
Extra Billy's Smokehouse & Brewery

"I'm most intrigued by sour ales. I'm a big fan of whatever Cascade Brewing has to offer. Their Sang Noir and Blueberry are both amazing."


Tony Ammendolia
Original Gravity

"Zombie Dust by Three Floyds. It's an all Citra hopped (my favorite hop) American pale ale. Though I have brewed many good all Citra beers, I can't quite get the same amazing flavor from these hops that they achieve in Zombie Dust. Whatever they are doing at Three Floyds is truly magic."


Annie Tobey
Freelance Beer and Travel Writer

"Peanut butter and chocolate beers. I've only had Terrapin Liquid Bliss, and it disappointed me with its nearly undetectable peanut butter flavor. Being a Reese's Cup fan, I'm on the search for one that works. Maybe DuClaw Sweet Baby Jesus or Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Ale?"


Farmer Russell
Sustainable Agriculture Consultant, Homebrewer

"Abbaye De Saint Bon-Chien. I stumbled into beer from wine. I was all about hoppy booze bombs, but I could never really be passionate about beer till I found one that could age and had subtle nuances that changed and improved with time. The first sip of well-aged Bon-Chien changed my whole view on beer."


Courtney Mailey
Blue Bee Cider

"For the past two weeks, I have had Blue Bee Cider's Aragon 1904 in my glass every day. This off-dry, slightly fruit forward cider will pair well with rich poultry dishes, fresh salads, and be a great alternative to a Champagne toast."


Stephen Tuzeneu
Certified Cicerone, Specialty/Import Manager
Brown Distributing

"Center of the Universe Monkey's Uncle. Bright and floral with aromas of candied lemongrass with a smooth, balanced body."


Andrew Labonte
Local Suds

"Blue Mountain Dark Hallow. I love the bourbon series Virginia breweries are creating. It's the essence of everything I love: great beer, bourbon and collaboration between local businesses, distilleries and craft breweries." 


Becky Jordan
General Manager
Lost Rhino Brewery

"I am intrigued with our wild yeast experiments being done on a saison by Jasper Akerboom, our in-house yeast expert. He has a Ph.D. in this so he has been doing some really forward-thinking projects in our lab and producing some awesome beers with them. Last summer we did a beer using a yeast strain he culled out of the field by our brewery which turned out really well."


Tommy Miller
Richmond Brewery Tours

"Legend Brown. It's the first craft beer that brought me to the other side and changed the way I think about beer. The colors, flavors and balance intrigue me every time. Plus, they have unicorns on the label!"

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