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Marx Her Words


Ms. Tanith Davidson certainly shows promise in spouting the wild, unsupported hyperbole her political party of choice has become so famous for (Word & Image, News & Features, Oct. 22). She states, “I don't know if you've read any of Karl Marx's stuff, he's the father of communism. Barack Obama's economic plan is almost word for word Karl Marx's plan. …”

This quote makes me quite doubtful that Ms. Davidson has read “The Communist Manifesto.” Obama's support for a more regulated market-based economic system would certainly not impress Marx, who called for the centralization of all credit in the hands of the state by a monopolistic national bank.

And Obama's support for a tax cut for working families hardly bears a resemblance to the abolition of all private property that Marx advocated. The fact that Ms. Davidson has no idea what she's talking about seems fairly clear. It is both unfortunate and inevitable that some will take the bait of distortion and outright lies that the GOP has mostly offered in criticizing Barack Obama this presidential election. Enough for a Republican win though? My God I hope not.

Bryan Hollar

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