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Made in the Shade:

The 101 on Cool Wedding Fabrics


Charmeuse — a soft, lightweight silk or polyester fabric that feels similar to satin

Chiffon — an ultra sheer, delicate lightweight fabric made of silk or rayon; often used for sleeves and overskirts

Crepe — a thin, soft, light fabric that has a crinkly surface

Damask — a lightweight version of brocade (a woven fabric with raised designs)

Duchesse Satin — a silk and rayon blend with a satin finish; lighter/less expensive than pure silk satin

Dupioni — plain weave finished silk that has a slight sheen and a nubbed texture

Georgette — a sheer crepe silk or manufactured material that is a bit heavier than chiffon

Illusion — a sheer, fine net fabric that is often used for the neckline and sleeves

Lace — intricately woven threads of cotton, silk, nylon and other materials that come in an array of patterns

Lightweight Satin — a lighter version of its smooth, heavier counterpart which has a lustrous sheen on one side and is a very popular choice for wedding gowns

Lightweight Silk — a soft and luxurious, natural fiber; texture ranges from smooth to coarse

Organdy — a silk or rayon lightweight plain weave fabric that's stiff and transparent

Organza — a crisp, sheer silk or synthetic fabric that's similar to chiffon and tulle, but slightly stiffer and smoother; a popular choice for overlays, skirts, sleeves and backs

Shantung — a lightweight, low sheen, textured polyester, cotton or silk material; similar to raw silk

Taffeta — a crisp, textured medium weight fabric that has a shiny or matte finish

Tulle — a fine, starched machine-made netting that is extremely lightweight; usually made of lace or nylon; often used for veils and skirts

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