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Looking in Richmond Ballet's "Windows"


When the Richmond Ballet first performed "Windows," grand changes were made — new choreography, new costumes, even new music written by Richmond native Jonathan Romeo. "You will leave humming the melodies," Winslett says. Very few changes were made this time, but one change just might be the key to its success.

Though previously performed at the Carpenter Center (currently closed for renovations), "Windows" will be staged at the Richmond Ballet Studio II. "It's a beautiful space," Winslett explains. "It only seats about 220 people, so you feel like you're in [the ballet]." Which fits right in with Winslett's greatest wish for the Richmond Ballet: "That more Richmonders would discover the magic of what we do."

For that desire alone, this production is the perfect conduit, offering a gamut of styles from classical to what can only be called futuristic. "It's a great introduction to ballet," she says.

The opening of "Windows" is only a week away, and Winslett's delight is obvious. She openly shares every detail — that is, unless you ask her what she thinks is the most magical moment in the show. "I'm not going to tell you," she says with a laugh. "You'll have to come see it." After viewing a run-through, this writer has to agree. Whether or not ballet is "your thing," the view through these windows is something you don't want to miss. — Jenny Block

"Windows" opens at the Richmond Ballet Studio Theatre, 407 East Canal St., third floor, Tuesday, Feb. 15. Tickets $15-$20. Call 344-0906, ext. 224, or visit www. richmond

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