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Looking Ahead to the (Fake) Past



This John Hodgman has suddenly decided to be everywhere, giving him a certain credibility, even though his book "The Areas of My Expertise" is a big pack of lies (not a memoir). It's a look at the world, or a world anyway, populated with revolutionary hoboes, werewolf timetables, presidents with hooks for hands and assorted lobsters. Think of Jorge Luis Borges writing a joke book. But Hodgman, terrifyingly, also has shown up in legitimate places (in this world), such as "The Daily Show," NPR's "This American Life" and The New York Times Magazine. Like the PC character in those Apple commercials. Yes! Him. Him that lies. And now he's appearing at Chop Suey Books next Wednesday, Oct. 25, 7-9 p.m., to carry on about the paperback release of his little weird universe. Free. 497-4705. S

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